SetupSeries # 2 – Nerd On A Budget’s Ultimate YouTube Setup Tour (2017)


Who Is This Person, And Why Should I Care?

Today’s setup tour entry in the SetupSeries™ is Danny, aka “Nerd On A Budget”. Nerd On A Budget is a relatively new YouTuber to the space having only started at the end of January in 2016, but his rise has been substantial. The Washington native’s channel has grown from an idea to over 30,000 subscribers in just over a year.

This is due in part to his charismatic videos that breaks down complicated computer/gaming related activities into easy to understand, and fun, bite sized chunks. Something that stands out in regards to Nerd On A Budget compared to some other YouTubers is that his videos emphasize saving money with personal tips and tricks that he has learned over time.

Another key to the crazy success of Nerd On A Budget is his partnership with similar YouTubers Tech By Matt, Toasty Bros, OzTalksHW, Comptv, Oafah and more. This group stays connected on the platform and collaborates often around PCs, technology, gaming, and nerd culture. Members from the group also stream regularly in a segment called “Windowshop Weekly”

If you are interested in checking out Nerd On A Budget I will provide links to his social media accounts where you can connect with him. Now without any further ado, lets dive right in to the setup goodness. Enjoy!


The Gear:

The following is a breakdown of the gear that goes into the setup that you have seen above. This section may contain affiliate links to product pages where you can purchase the items described. Buying product via these links do not cost you anything and help the blog run at full power.

In this section I will go over the gear that is being used, some pros and cons of each item, and alternatives you can pick up if you so desire.

PC Specs:

Unfortunately he didn’t mention his main PC that powers his setup in too much detail. He did review his test bench for testing new products. However, since that is not something that many people are looking to get, I will skip it for now. I’ll attempt to reach out to him and see if he could add any clarity to this point.


Unfortunately he didn’t mention his displays in too much detail. I’ll attempt to reach out to him and see if he could add any clarity to this point.

Asus Display

Like I mentioned above, he didn’t actually touch on his displays in too much detail. Since he didn’t provide any actual product names/numbers I can’t say for sure what his purchase was.

For those of you who plan to become (or already are) a YouTuber and/or a streamer, audio quality is very important. This is equally true for audio going into the system and coming out of it. Nerd On A Budget uses a variety of audio solutions for his setup.

Blue Yeti USB Microphone – $129

blue yeti usb microphone colors

The Blue line of USB microphones are a staple in the video creation community, especially among YouTubers and Twitch streamers. This is mainly due to their solid construction, quality sound, and relatively cheap price. When it comes to reliability and price to performance, Blue’s line of USB microphones can not be beat.

They come in a variety of colors and price levels so they fit it with the color scheme of any build. Moreover, they come with a stand of their own and are easily mountable to an external microphone stand for added ease of use.

A trusted audio brand, for those looking to take their audio to the next level. If you have the money, the Yeti is a solid choice and would not go wrong in anyone’s setup.

USA Link –

Pop Filter – $7.87

pop filter front

pop filter mount
This may damage the finish on some microphones/arms.

This is a must if you record any sort of audio, and want it to sound professional. Pop filters reduce the sound caused from plosions (the release of air caused from saying certain letters – B, P, and T are some of the worst).

There are many models and any one of these generally can be picked up from Amazon or other similar big box retailers for under $10.

USA Link –

Audio Technica M40x – $99

audio technica m40x frontaudio technica m40x side

The Audio Technica Mx line is a quality line of studio monitors that provide a clean, neutral sound designed for those who work with audio. If you are familiar with studio monitors, then you know that they do not sound the most exciting with super deep bass or anything special like that.

Studio monitors are created to give the most accurate representation of the sound as possible. I would recommend these to anyone who is looking for a non-expensive option for recording and playing back audio.

However for the reasons I mentioned above, they are not the best to listen to if you are looking for a grand listening experience.

audio technica m40x backaudio technica m40x flat

The Audio Technica M40x’s have thick, and cushy, “professional-grade” ear pads and the headband is solid too. This variant specifically features a removable cable and the ability to swivel and fold the ear cups for storage or travel.

USA Link –


Redragon M601 Gaming Mouse – $13.99


The Redragon M601 is a budget 6-button LED gaming mouse. The mouse features 4 different levels of DPI adjustment ranging from 1000 dpi, 1600 dpi, 2400 dpi, to 3000 dpi. There are also 2 programmable side buttons that can really add some ease of use, and speed to your setup.

The LED’s in the mouse are not RGB, but instead they only glow red. So this may be a deal breaker for some who want a less stylized mouse. For those pursuing a minimalist setup, this splash of color may be a standout point if you pursue the stereotypical monochromatic build.


The gaming mouse features a 6ft long “high-strength” braided cable, and an anti-skid scroll wheel. Furthermore, it sports 8 adjustable 2.4g weights for tuning the weight of the mouse to your preference. Lastly and probably the least exciting information, the mouse is certified to run on Windows 10-XP.

Although I have never used this product specifically, the level of customization combined with the low price seem like a winning combination. Unless you require special accommodations, are a pro gamer, or need the highest of high end mouse, then this should be just fine for your needs.


Velocifire VM01 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard -$39.99

velocifire mechanical keyboard front

Although I have no personal experience with this keyboard, I do plan to pick it up soon to do a review on.

First things first though, the keyboard is mechanical, and it only costs $40. So if you are interested in mechanical keyboards and don’t have a lot of money to spend to pick one up, this might be your option.

There are LED’s in the keyboard, so if that is your thing, then this may be a good purchase for you. However, please know that the LED’s are not RGB and only come in one color, “greenish”. I am not lying, that is the actual wordage the technical specs uses when describing the LED’s. Interestingly enough, the picture shows the lighting to be blue. Go figure.

There’s all the basics with the keyboard and a few extras such as multimedia keys, but nothing to get too excited about. All in all, I would say this is a decent choice for anyone interested in dipping their toes into the mechanical keyboard market.

USA Link –

AUKEY Gaming Mouse Pad XL – $15.99

Its a mouse mat. There’s not really too much to say about it. I have one at my personal setup (not this model, but they are all very similar). If you have a larger desk, it can take up some room and make for a more pleasant looking setup.

They do get dirty over time, they depending on how bad the damage is, they don’t really clean very easily. If you want a larger mouse pad, or you have a bigger desk, pick one up and you won’t be disappointed. If you have a smaller desk, or have no need for a large mouse pad, skip.

USA Link –

NEEWER Microphone Suspension Boom Stand – $12.50

This is an adjustable microphone arm that holds your microphone for a hands free recording setup. Something like this is a must if you are planning to record streams, podcasts, youtube videos where you are stationed at a central location, voice over work, etc. Put simply this device is too useful not to have.

Add on to the fact that they are relatively cheap for what they do, and you have a must pick up for anyone even remotely interested in putting their voice out in the world (puns). The one listed here is the cheapest they really get, but it has a mostly metal construction so you know its solid.

Unfortunately that cheapness carries some drawbacks, mainly in the perceived build quality. although it is made of metal and is solid, it gets kind of wobbly if you touch the microphone end. Also due to the clamp style mount, it can damage surfaces when mounting it, so be careful.

USA Link –


For Those Looking To Recreate This Setup

Danny does a lot of things well. Although he mentions himself that his setup is not complete, it is at a good space for him. Your setup is a reflection of you, and you (like your gear) are constantly evolving and growing. If you are looking to build up a setup of your own based of some of Nerd On A Budget’s choices, then this section is for you.

Things Done Well?


This setup really captures Danny’s sense of style and personality. From the framed prints of his favorite games, to the skateboards on the wall, everything in the room is a representation of who he is – not just as a Youtube personality, but as a person.

I personally think those skateboards are one of the coolest features in the office.


Everything showcased in the room tour has a purpose and a place. Although his room isn’t that big, he makes it feel larger than it is with the different sections dedicated to specific tasks.

He also seems very organized with his gear. That wall of tech boxes isn’t just for show. He actually uses computer parts and accessories quite often in his various builds.

How To Improve

Quality of Gear

Over the course of the video he mentions how the gear is not as good as it could be, but it works for the job it needs to do and that that’s good enough for him. While true, you don’t need the flashiest, fanciest or most expensive gear, it is nice to upgrade.

Personally though, I’m not worried about this aspect. I have a feeling that we will see Nerd On A Budget’s budget because quite large if he continues at the rate hes going thus far.

Final Thoughts

A big round of applause for Nerd On A Budget for being the first official entry in the setup series. I know this says no. 2, but in actuality this is the first one I completed in full.

Secondly, congrats for having a ballerific setup that you don’t mind showing off to the world.

And thirdly a round of applause for going out of your way to help others get into the wonderful world of technology and grow the community.

If you want to get caught up with the recent day to days of the Nerd On A Budget then go ahead and check out his Twitter. If you are interested to see what more of his setup looks like, and what exactly he does with it over on his YouTube channel, you can check that out. His Instagram is a wonderful place full of behind the scenes images that are oh so great to look at, so I recommend you hop on over there as well.

And lastly, if you are interested in see more tech setup breakdowns then go ahead and follow me on Youtube, follow the SetupSeries on Twitter and Instagram, and get subscribed to the email newsletter so you never miss a post. I promise not to spam you, as we deliver a high quality feed each week on the hot happenings on the site.


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