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If money, time, and resources weren’t a problem, what would you be doing? – Kevin Nether

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Who is Kevin the Tech Ninja?

Kevin Nether, aka Kevin the Tech Ninja is a 29 year old family man and regular dude who loves technology and filmmaking. He wanted to combine his two passions together, so he jumped headfirst into the online content creation space. He started making YouTube videos because he saw other people do it, and got inspired. Now he’s inspiring millions thru work of his own!

Key Themes

  • Make content that you enjoy
  • Stay true to yourself
  • Keep things fun
  • Don’t compare yourself to others, thats the quickest way to feel bad
  • Luck plays a factor in success, but hard work plays a larger role
  • Think long term
  • Build a brand
  • Time management is key

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Kevin opens with what sets him apart from other creators that may be in the same space, and that is making content that he enjoys. Not liking the talk at the viewer model, he wants to talk with the viewer and involve them in the process, creating a community. He reveled that he doesn’t really watch other tech YouTubers too much, instead focusing his time on other topics like history, tutorials, etc.

Later he dropped a gem about not comparing yourself to others. We then jumped into heavy topics such as debt, depression, and the hidden dark side of internet careers. Soon after, he breaks down his inspirations and motivations.

Something you may not know about him is that he works a traditional 9-5 job. Something that keeps coming up online is YouTube money making potential. Well, he breaks it all down with the truth behind YouTube money, and how sponsorships work. Lastly he stresses the importance of a personal brand in 2017.

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