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Where do you see YouTube in 5 – 10 years? – Eber Antony

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Who is Eber Antony?

Eber Antony is a full time video producer for Hardware Canucks. He has been doing work with Hardware Canucks for about 3 years, starting out with his own channel then transitioning into the team environment. He’s a well cultured person having lived all over the world in places such as Dubai, India, and Canada.

Taking it back a bit, he was interested in multimedia production since a young age, and recalls really getting interested in the tech industry during his high school years. Soon after launched his channel and the rest is history.

Key Themes

  • Follow your passions
  • Find mentors
  • Own your personality
  • Practice makes perfect is a platitude, but it’s also true
  • Embrace structure and boundaries
  • Build a team who’s strengths compensate for your weaknesses and vice versa
  • Practice good time management practices
  • Embrace your personality in your content

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Eber starts off by sharing his story of his younger years where he first got introduced to multimedia production, then later to tech through the likes of icons like Linus Sebastian of Linus Tech Tips, MKBHD, Austin Evans, and others. During this time, he also delves into his motivations and inspirations.

One of the key aspects of video production is delivery, and Eber details how he grew his delivery skills while also giving real life tips to others looking to do the same. Moreover, he discusses his strategies to get rid of stage fright and improve public speaking.

After breaking down his strategies for dealing with negativity and criticism on the internet, he then broke down the Hardware Canucks staff, explained his transition from a solo career into a team dynamic, and described what he learned.

Eber graciously dives into his challenges and provides you the knowledge and skills on how he overcomes them. Wrapping up, he shares his passions, and his ideas for a new technology in 2017 and beyond.

Action Items


  • Linus Tech Tips
  • Austin Evans
  • Jonathan Morrison
  • Dimitri Novoselov
  • Mike – Editor in Chief of Hardware Canucks
  • Anthony – Staff writer
  • Peter – Staff writer

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