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What motivates you to get up, and look forward to the next day in life? – Justin Tse

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Who is Justin Tse?


Key Themes

  • Documenting over creating will make you more relatable
  • How he approached working with an editor and what he learned
  • Be unique, and true to yourself and the audience will follow
  • Think of yourself as an entrepreneur, don’t limit yourself to one thing
  • Always look forward, don’t focus on the past or you may miss the future
  • Commit to your passions/ideas
  • Adopt a long term strategy and approach
  • Put yourself in a position to create your own luck (aka Hard work pays off)
  • The ability to take accountability is powerful. Mindset creates success
  • Build a brand
  • Surround yourself with people that inspire you and push you to be better
  • Persistence is key, and time management is key
  • Take care of your health

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From the start Justin talked about thinking about moving to spread his wings and grow. He noticed that he was growing and needed a change in his life and take that next step to level up his game. He then talked about his experiences previously working with editors and as a part of a team, and the things he learned from it. Soon after, he delved into his motivations and the things that push him to be better.

A key lesson here is when he spoke about how he took jobs that may not have been financially rewarding immediately, but that set him up for success later on. Patience is so undervalued, but so important. Shortly thereafter, he broke down his idea of success, and the goal he’s working towards. If you are an internet creator or someone who spends time online often, you’ll want to hear the next part because he talked about how he dealt with trolls, haters, and negativity.

In a very important segment he spoke on how to leverage the internet to build success while not making money for 5 years as he keep his head down and kept the process. Next he broke down the process of creating your own luck, and talked about his worst mistake on YouTube, thinking short term. He wasn’t being true to himself, and was just churning out videos and burning himself out. Think long term!!

He laid out his steps for turning this mindset around, and how that turned around his business on YouTube. The power of persistence and time management. He even went into detail about his daily problems and challenges and the way he overcomes them.

Lastly, he did something bold and shared his vision on the education system and whether or not young entrepreneurs should stay in school or skip and go for their dreams.

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  • Dave Lee
  • Don Mattrick
  • Jeff Mallett
  • Jon Olsson


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