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Who is Son of a Tech?

Matthew Hopkins, aka Son of a Tech, is a Technology YouTuber that primarily focuses on the technical aspects of the pc space. In addition to YouTube, he has a full time job as a system administrator, and is a full time father.

Although he only has 4k subs on YouTube he has surpassed 1 million video views. If you want to learn all about balancing real world responsibilities such as a family and a job, or the ever important, how to choose an online identity question, be sure to listen to the full interview.

Key Themes

  • Be true to yourself
  • Figure out what you want, then go after it
  • Do what is necessary, don’t give up

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We started off the talk a bit with some of Matthew’s backstory and history. He started early in his life racing motocross and working on motorcycles as a mechanic until he was 27. After that, he threw himself into pc culture with technical jobs, eventually leading up to the systems administration job he has today.

He got started on YouTube thru his passion for gaming. As a big fan of Starcraft, he would tune in to livestreams for eSports competitions. However, not seeing the content he wanted represented, he decided to take it upon himself to do it himself.

Moreover, he actually ran his own podcast called the “The Blindrun Gaming Podcast”. After that he rebranded into technology. We discuss the viability of YouTube as a career, and the viability of a career online for the older generation.

We dip into the Son of a Tech Forum and what it takes to run a community driven website. We jump into some knowledge that Matthew wishes he knew when he first started YouTube. Shortly thereafter, the origin of the brand “Son of a Tech” and some family history come up.

The rest of the interview details his thoughts on the state of YouTube, the importance of discipline, and how to deal with criticism online. Be sure to listen to the whole interview for these gems of knowledge.

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