Besttechsetup.com is an independent US-based website dedicated to curating high quality content from around the web – covering topics from technology to technology inspired/themed interior design. It is also officially the home for the SetupSeries, a blog series that follows technology inspired interior design. 

Additionally, we provide hardware and software reviews, and strive to be very concise and to the point in our writing. Gear from all of the major brands (including but not limited to Asus, Apple, Razor, Corsair, EVGA, and more) may be featured on this site. As well as gear from some lessor known brands.

We here at besttechsetup.com aim to deliver a quality browsing experience for all our users. As such, we try and provide extreme value to you throughout all sitewide features. This includes product links; some product links will feature our affiliate code to partnered retailers. Using them does not cost you a dime, and helps out the site a lot.

We place heavy emphasis on using, reviewing, and promoting products that exemplify good design in hardware and in software. Our passion for good design is rooted in the belief that even the most practical locations and devices can be visually appealing and enjoyable.

Launched in March 2017 in Baltimore, MD (USA) by DeAngelo Scott, besttechsetup.com has become a place where he and others can reach out to like-minded enthusiasts and share inspiration.