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Thanks for visiting As you may know, this website is home to some of the best consumer technology on the planet and the undisputed BEST TECH COMMUNITY (You guys!). In an effort to find the coolest tech out there I need to bring together coolest people on the planet. I’m asking for YOUR help!

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If you are interested in joining the collective and becoming a partner today, then please send an email to and make the subject PARTNERSHIP. Please provide your name, brand name (if applicable), and links to your social platforms. If considered, you will receive a follow up email with partner verification.

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If you are interested in having your unique tech setup featured on the front page, then please submit images and a short description of your setup, and a quick backstory on who you are and why tech is important to you to the following email address with the subject FEATURE.

  1. Submit at least 10 images of your setup. Include every item you want featured in at least 1 photo. (Preferably from different angles).
  2. Submit a text description of the as many items as possible, and why this setup is special to you. The audience wants to know how this setup came to be.
  3. Submit images using WeTransfer ( Email to
  4. Wait. (I get a lot of submissions). Everything will be posted in time.
  5. Check periodically to see if you have been featured.
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